RCA Universal Remote Not Working? Reset Now!

Factory resetting is one of the effective methods when any of the electronics devices shows any anonymous behaviour. In this post, learn how to reset a RCA universal remote to factory settings. This way, you can easily fix when the remote is not working, or showing any issues.

There are many factors when your remote is not working properly such as the programming errors, issue in finding and applying the correct RCA universal remote codes based on the revision number, hardware issues, etc.

Restoring can help in fixing many commonly issues found with the controller such as continuous blinking on the LED light, slow to response issues, specific buttons not working errors, TV not responding issues, Infrared (IR) sensor not working, etc. So, whatever the problems are with your RCA remote, try the resetting as the primary troubleshooting tips.

How to factory reset a RCA remote?

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control
  • Press and hold down the POWER keys for 10 seconds
  • Press and hold the number key 1 for 10 seconds
  • On each and every keys, press and release immediately
  • Insert a pair of fresh batteries
  • The reset process is now completed.

Once you followed all these instructions, your remote becomes like a fresh piece. All of the programmed settings will be vanished.

You have to re-program it with your device by finding the correct universal device code based on the remote control revision number, category of the devices to be programmed for, and the brand of the device.

Other troubleshooting tips

You can follow the given solutions to fix when your RCA remote is not working even after resetting and changing the batteries.

Remove the obstructions between TV and remote

Since the remote is working Infrared as the communication channel, there should need a direct line of sight in between the TV/any device and the remote. If any obstructions are present in between them, that may interrupt the IR signals. So, remove if any objects are present in front of the TV especially at a position of the IR sensor.

Do not exceed the distance more than 10 meter

It’s notable that the distance between the TV and remote should not exceed more than 10 meters. The manufacturers are saying that there is no issue even the distance is 12 meters, but it’s good to keep the distance short as possible.

This will smooth the IR signal communication very effectively and will enable fast response times between the TV and remote.

If the LED light or POWER button backlight blinks continuously in RED, it indicates that the batteries are failing. Replace them with new batteries and reprogram the remote.

Relax all the buttons on the remote

This step is to recover any of the stuck keys within the panel. When prolonged usage, some buttons may stuck on a fixed position.

How will do this?

Remove the batteries.

Quickly press and release all of the buttons on the remote for many times. repeat it two or three times. Then re-insert the batteries and program with the device you want to control.

Check the IR sensor, it’s working fine

There is a quick test for this, I thing most of you may know. It is an old-school method.

Take your camera mobile phone, Point the remote to the phone camera, and press any key. If the IR sensor is working, you can see the IR LED blinking through your mobile display.

If some or any specific button is not working, you can use the same method. Point the remote to camera and press the button. If you are not seeing the LED blinking when pressing, you can confirm that the specific button is not working.

The issue may be either related to the circuit board, or the removal of the electric paint under the button pad.

Apply electric paint on the rubber button pad

You can follow this step if you are confident in repairing your remote control. If the electric paint of the number keypad has gone, there may not have enough contact between the button and the circuit board. You can apply the electric paint on the keypad.

Open the remote control panel, separate both circuit board and the rubberised keypad. Gently apply the electric paint in the under portion of the each keys. Wait till it dry.

Reassemble and test whether your RCA or any other remote is working fine or not.

You can buy the electric paint online or from an electrical shop.

Final Words:

You can simply fix your RCA remote only by resetting it when there is no any complicated issues. If the issue is not resolved, just follow the instruction I given above. Hope that will solve all the problems. I just given the procedures that you can apply yourself.

If all of them are not fixed, you can buy a new RCA universal remote. If you bought new one, I recommend you to take all the precautions to prevent it again getting worsen. Use a remote cover, place it on a mobile holder that can’t access your pet or child, keep away from water type foods, etc.

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