GE Universal Remote Codes For Emerson TV & Programming

Are you looking for the GE universal remote codes for Emerson TV? This is the right place. I have collected the CL3, CL4, CL5, and CL6 model remote’s codes. Additionally, get step by step instructions for pairing the remote to the TV.

If you have selected the ByJasco GE as the replacement remote for the original Emerson TV? I appreciate you because you have taken a great decision. GE is the perfect, budget-friendly, easy to use, easy to program third-party remote for many TV, DVD, streaming player brands.

Only 4 simple steps can make the remote work with your TV once you know the valid code for your device brand. Before getting started, you have to identify the code list number of the remote you are using. There are 4 CL numbers starting CL3 to CL6. You can get the version number by removing the cap of the battery compartment.

If needed, remove the batteries from there. Look at the attached label and note the code list number. Then note down the codes accordingly from the given list below.

4-Digit GE universal remote codes for Emerson TV

  • CL3 codes: – 2761, 5221, 5231, 4731, 5341, 0001, 0021, 0031, 0041, 0271, 0281, 0291, 0371, 0441, 0451, 0691, 0701, 0731, 0741, 0851, 0931, 1221, 1251, 1261, 1371, 1381, 1451, 1461, 1551, 1611, 1631, 1681, 1701, 1711, 1931, 1941, 2171, 2191, 2361, 3451, 4701, 4751, 4761, 4831, 4911
  • CL4 codes: – 2761, 5761, 5221, 5231, 5561, 5831, 4731, 5421, 5741, 0001, 0141, 1651, 0201, 0231, 0951, 1551, 5551.
  • CL5 Codes: – 5761, 2761, 5231, 5221, 5561, 5831, 4731, 5421, 5741, 0001, 0141, 1651, 0201, 0231, 0951, 1551, 5551, 2891.
  • CL6 codes: – 2761, 5761, 5231, 5221, 5831, 5561, 5421, 0141, 0201, 2891, 4731, 1651.

How to program a GE universal remote to Emerson TV?

  • Turn ON your TV
  • Press and hold down the SETUP button on the remote till the RED LED light turns ON
  • Press and release the TV button on the top
  • Enter the first 4-digit code through number keys
  • The LED will then turns OFF
  • Point the remote to your TV and test all the keys
  • If all of the functions are working properly, the pairing is completed

The codes for Emerson TV-DVD combo

You may not use this old model TVs, but to complete this post as much useful form those users having the TV-DVD combo, I am giving the codes here.

Some of you may want to program the remote for the Emerson TV and DVD combo. Use 0412 or 0445 for programming the combo devices.

How to make GE remote to perform better?

Ensure that the remote is equipped with adequately charged batteries. If the battery level is dwindling, it is advisable to substitute them with fresh pairs. When configuring the remote, verify that the keys are being pressed correctly, as successful pairing relies on the proper transmission of the correct IR signals.

If any issues arise, perform a reset on the remote by conducting a power recycling. Simply take out the batteries from the compartment, wait for a few minutes, reinsert them, and reprogram with the correct code.


What to do when some function keys are not working?

Your GE remote has been partially programmed. That’s why some functional keys are not working with the TV. What you can do regarding this is that, remove the batteries from the remote for two minutes. Then after inserting the batteries, re-program it with another code from the list.

Not all codes work properly.

But I can give you a simple tip for you.

Try to program the remote with the first code in the list. If it not working, try with the second code and so on. Because the codes are given in the order of success ratio.

But I hope the first or second code works pretty well.

If you are looking the RCA universal remote codes for various TV brands, visit our homepage. It briefly explains the different programming methods and the all the device codes.

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